168, Gloucester Road, Bristol
2016 La-Di-DahPhoto Source
2016 La-Di-Dah[gift shop]  Opened Source
2012 Bristol Tools[tools]Photo Source
2011 Bristol Tools[tools] Source
2002 Pig & WhistleD.G. Cross[off licence] Source
1978 Pig & WhistleD.G. Cross[off licence] Source
1970 Arthur Cooper (Wine Merchant) Ltd.[wine & spirit merchant] Source
1962 Reginald Gilbt. Court[wine & spirits merchant] Source
1960 Pig and Whistle[off-license]story by Roger H Lidgley Source
1955 Pig and WhistleCourt[off license]story by Barbara Palmer Source
1950 Regald. Gilbt. Court[wine & spirit merchant] Source
1939 Gilbt. Hy. Jn. Court[wine & spirit merchant] Source
1931 Gilbt. Hy. Jn. Court[beer retailer] Source
1921 Charles Fredk. Harris[beer retailer] Source
1910 Charles Frederick Harris[grocer & beer retailer (off)] Source
1900 Geo. Townsend[grocer and beer retailer] Source
1890 Chas. Noble[grocer and beer retailer] Source
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dated 2016-03-14Z   by chris
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dated 2012-01-28Z   by chris