To edit the database, you will need to register. You can register if you know the secret. Email kit.wallace@gmail.com.

The editor has been tested on FireFox, Opera, Chrome, Safari but is known not to work fully at present on Internet Explorer. Please let me know of any browser issues.

  1. Log in - there is a link in thes menu on the home page
  2. To start, click on Blocks in the menu.
  3. The Blocks page shows all blocks in the road, their location on map and the current editors(if any) of each block. Choose a block of interest which is not being worked on by another editor. It may help to survey the block on the ground before starting transcription so you are familiar with the addressing. You might take that opportunity to photograph each premise. Click on free (or your own name if you are already editing).
  4. The Sources page shows the sources available, the publication year and the number of records transcribed from each. Choose a year of interest and click on Edit. It may be easier to start with the 1960s Directory listing and work backward in time, since you may encounter differences in numbering in earlier editions.
  5. The edit page shows the first page of this document together with any records already transcribed. You can move between pages in the document by clicking the page number. You can enlarge the page (by clicking on it) and move it around until the part covering this block is in view. Position the scanned image in the window where the relevant rows can be seen. If the image doesn't fit in the available screen, use the F11 key (or whatever works for your browser) to switch to full screen.
  6. The edit page allows you to add, change or delete records in this block on this document:
    • To add an record, transcribe the text in the scan to the appropriate fields in the form. For advice on each field, position the mouse over the label or read the transcription advice. When all details have been entered, click the Add button. When added, the new record will appear in the list of records beneath the form, and the form will be cleared.
    • To edit a record in the same block, find the record in the list and click the edit button. The form will be filled with the record data. Correct the data and click the Change button.
    • To delete a record, click the edit button. The record data appears in the edit form. If this record is to be deleted, click the Delete button.
    • Some caution is needed here since there is no undo yet.
  7. Note that the rows are sortable by clicking on the appropriate heading.
  8. Tabbing forward (tab) or backward (shift/tab) through the fields and buttons makes data entry faster.