This site aims to show the historical development of Gloucester Road as well as the current shopkeepers and future plans. The aim of the site is to provide a basic history of occupation of premises since the 1870's, augmented where possible with up-to-date personal recollections and links to historical documents. The resultant database will be browsable in different dimensions - spatial, temporal, by business and name.

Phase 1

Data for the site will initially be drawn from Kelly's Street Directories. The availability of Street Directories with entries organised by Street and house number spanning over 100 years provides an easy way to collect data on the occupancy of premises. The Bristol directories are available with some gaps from Bristol Central library. A subset of the directories has been selected, the relevant pages photocopied and scanned and divided into conveniently sized blocks. Entries need to be manually transcribed via the interactive editor. Editors select one or more blocks and assume responsibility for the transcription of the relevant entries for addresses in that block.

Phase 2

Once this base history has been captured, more recent and more personal history can be collected and added. It is envisaged that team members would visit each of the premises on their block to collect up to date information and more recent recollections. The history already collected from the street directory should provide a trigger for recollection. To add interest to the site for the current occupants, the latest entries will include links to websites.


If you are interested in participating, see what the curators are doing.